Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hi-lo, hi-lo, it's off to work I go

Couldn't help but write the cheesy just went so perfectly! It took some courage, but the other day I decided to go bare-legged to work, and I was fine! The weather is definitely looking up, so I've been taking full advantage.

I love the hi-lo skirt style that's been popping up, so when I saw this little number in the Queen West boutique I knew it would be mine! I paired it with a jean jacket and an H&M necklace to make it a little more casual, but still fun!

Stay tuned for a post on my new gig as the H&M Fashion Editor of the 2012 MMVAs. Fun Stuff!!

Dress: Queen West Boutique
Jean Jacket: thrifted
Necklace: H&M

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