Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Peplum in my step

Bonjour Blondies! Have you read my latest piece in Corduroy Mag on Toronto Fashion Week? Check out my #2 fave pick, and you'll realize how happy I am to own this lovely peplum H&M top!

I first saw this top in New York when I was there for Fashion Week, and decided to wait and get it back in Canada. When I got back to Toronto, I couldn't find it anywhere! (I think this calls for a #firstworldproblems) lo and behold, good things come to those who wait...my friend was visiting last weekend and told me about a lovely peplum top she bought from H&M. I bolted to H&M the next day, and voila!

I know peplum isn't for everyone, but I'm obsessed. What do you think about the peplum look? 

Top: H&M
Shoes: borrowed from sis 

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