Monday, 19 March 2012

Hats On for Toronto Fashion Week

But also...hats off! Although I decided to keep my hat on for the last day of shows. I also decided to wear gold sparkly tights and floral shorts, sometimes these ideas just come to me and I don't fight it.

I bought this Royal Stetson hat at one of my favorite vintage stores in my hometown, called Lovely Betty, it's always chock full of the most amazing vintage pieces! Apart from seeing my family and friends, Lovely Betty is one of my favorite parts of going home for a visit. 

The last day of shows at Toronto Fashion Week did not dissapoint! The weather (again) was absolutely amazing which made street style watching that much more enjoyable.

Have you seen any Toronto Fashion Week runway styles yet? Do you have any favorite lines?

Hat: Thrifted (Royal Stetson)
Blouse: Thrifted
Shorts: TopShop
Tights: Gifted from my lovely sis 
Boots: Thrifted

*Also a big thanks to my wonderful friend Sara for her photography skills!!

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