Monday, 23 January 2012

Je Suis Blonde et Intelligente

Bonjour mes amis! In honour of my New Year resolution, to learn more french and begin my journey of becoming officially bilingual, I bring you my "Je Suis Blonde et Intelligente" shirt!

I made this shirt a few months ago when I went through an obsessive re-run spree of  "The Girls Next Door", and fell in love with Holly Madison's t-shirt that said the exact same phrase. She got hers in Paris, it's pink. Mine is cuter.

This awesomely metallic sweater is from H&M's Conscious Collection. So pretty, so eco-friendly, so GREAT!

I am also now officially a Toronto resident, thanks to my two great friends who agreed to host me and my wardrobe for the next little while! Can I get a HELL YEAH for city living!?

Au Revoir et Bisous!

Sweater: H&M Conscious Collection
T-shirt: DIY


  1. from an Oakville balcony, to a Toronto balacony...we miss you on our side!

  2. I miss you too! I'm always a balcony away.

  3. Toronto balconies are overrated, French T's are not.

  4. MERCI emjay. And yes, Toronto balconies are overrated...unless you're penthouse livin' of course. #someday