Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Girl About Dragon Tattoo's

Last night I attended the launch party for H&M's Dragon Tattoo collaboration line by Trish Summerville. It was such a fantastic event! The line is very edgy with lots of leather pieces, perfect for mixing with the countless feminine pieces I own. I just love an edgy, feminine look! All of the pieces were on display using mannequins, racks and live models. (I felt too awkward to take photos of the live models, maybe later on in my career) Here's some snaps of what I wore to the event:

Here's a snap of what my BFF wore to the event with me.We call this shot "Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter '12" Notice her oversized black clutch. (sometimes we're too funny for our own good)

I tried my best to take decent photos, but the camera I'm working with at the moment isn't the highest quality (remember how my old sweetheart got swallowed by the sea? *tear*) SO on that note, I hope you enjoy the following photos, and can kind of get a sense of what the line is all about!

Tim Chan and I. Red Carpet Buddies Reunited!

My H&M bff Emily Scarlett

The Dragon Tattoo line hits stores TODAY! Hope you enjoyed taking a peek, I'm off to buy some leather pants.

Shirt: H&M
Leather Shorts: H&M

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