Friday, 10 June 2011

Red Carpet Looks

Today I'm doing a special post, in honour of the MMVA's and my quest to be the H&M Fashion Blogger on this year's Red Carpet! So, my fashionable readers, if you are anything like me you probably all tune in to the Red Carpet Special before the Awards (which means no popcorn left once the Award Show actually begins. Boo.)

Watching the Red Carpet has always been the most anticipated part of any awards show for me. I absolutely LOVE seeing what and who the celebs choose to wear! One of my fave looks at this year's Oscars was definitely Cate Blanchette in Givenchy. You may frown at my choice, because she actually got a lot of negative feedback from this beautiful creation, but I honestly am so transfixed by it. It's almost like a toned down Lady Gaga outfit (ok, way toned down) but do you kind of see where I'm coming from? The colour of this dress is so subtle and pretty, and the detailing is AMAZING!

Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
GORG!!! Ok, so...moving on...

Obviously, the MMVA's aren't as formal of an affair as the Oscars, but there are still tons of fierce styles to look out for! This year the MMVA's should be quite the show- both on the Carpet AND the Stage- with guests such as Lady Gaga,  Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez (will Justin Bieber be there to support his gal? Never say never...)

Last year's Red Carpet Looks at the MMVA's definitely did not dissapoint. (Well, maybe some of them did...but style is all about your CHOICE). One of my fave Red Carpet looks from the 2010 MMVA's was our little Canadian Sweetheart Nikki Yanofski!! She looked super age appropriate and sweet and perfectly stylish in her blouse/shorts combo. And yes, those are Louboutin shoes.

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette
And can I get a HELL YEAH for Adam Lambert's leopard print tie at last year's MMVA's!?

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette
I'm super anxious to see the style story of the 2011 MMVA's unfold! And I'd be BEYOND thrilled to be the one unfolding it for you!! What were some of your fave Red Carpet Looks?


  1. I LOVED Cate Blanchette's dress as well. Photos don't do it justice - the soft and flowy fabric was the best part and could only be seen on TV (or better yet, in person, but if only we were so lucky).

  2. THANK YOU for appreciating that gorgeous dress!! I totally agree that seeing it in person would've made it that much more breathtaking :) Maybe I'll be so lucky at this year's MMVAs??

  3. I loved Cate's dress as well. One of my other fav looks from this year's Oscars was Jennifer Hudson in the tangerine Versace gown and bright purple pumps!