Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Being the H&M Fashion Blogger: Fashionably Fantastic!

As promised, here is my post on my experience being the official H&M Fashion Blogger of the 2011 MMVAs (even writing it down makes me giddy)! I'll try and make this short, sweet and FUN!

Day 1: Breakfast meeting with the team who I would be working with during my stay inToronto- they were all absolutely amazing! They made me feel so welcome and truly like part of the team. From breakfast I headed over to the H&M Canada head office in Toronto (dreams coming true: check) where I got to interview the lovely Fefe Dobson! I also got to check out their upcoming Fall 2011 line..AH-MAZING.

Chillin with Fefe!

Sneak Peek at the H&M Fall 2011 line

Later that evening we headed over to the H&M Store on Queen Street for a pre-MMVA party event, where the super awesome band Dragonette performed live in the store! Free drinks and food, live music and 20% off the entire store makes Hilary a happy girl.

Dragonette setting the Mood at H&M Queen
The Amazing Ashley from MuchMusic and I at the H&M event

Day 2: H&M opened their doors extra early for myself and Tim Chan, host of MuchMusic's #trending, in order for us to get outfitted for the Red Carpet! Having a whole H&M store to myself, with everything at my disposal was another dream come true moment (need I say more??) The lovely H&M ladies Karen and Emily helped me to choose an outfit that I truly loved, and would stand out on the Red Carpet!

Day 3: Rehearsals!! (and shopping). With all of my MuchMusic Blog posts up-to-date, I was able to relax and take in the sites (and shops) of Toronto with my BFF Bailey and my BFF/Sister Darcy (psst..check out her Etsy store Tea with Gladys). We also stopped by the MMVA stage to watch some of the rehearsals taking place (hello GaGa). It was a perfect day!

Gaga's dancers

the sis, the BFF and me
Day 4: GAME DAY! Well, not really game day...more like Award day...but you get my drift. I showed up early to the MuchMusic building to have my makeup done (my first time ever having my makeup professionally done!) then practiced my Red Carpet lines with Tim.

Red Carpet Dreams with Tim of #trending

Stepping out on the Red Carpet was such a surreal moment! Cameras everywhere, screaming fans and Tim Chan next to me holding a Microphone..aahhh! I totally soaked everything in, and loved every second of it!!

After the MMVAs were officially over, the parties began! We danced the night away at the Universal Records afterparty...it was A BLAST!

The BFF, Emily from H&M and I at the Universal Afterparty
Hugs with Patrick from H&M
Anthony of Mediacom

The next day I flew home, back to reality. Being the H&M Fashion Blogger was an experience I will never forget. I learned so much over my short time there, and made some great friends! I also added a good portion of H&M clothes to my already H&M dominated wardrobe, and I can't wait to show off all of my purchases!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your support!! You mean the world to me.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Girl About Toronto

Hey guys!! So sorry about the major lack of posting on my part, but as I'm sure you heard- I was chosen to be the H&M Fashion Blogger at the 2011 MMVAs!! I'm officially back in Victoria, but had the time of my life in Toronto (post to come on my amazing experience).

For today I thought I'd ease back into it by posting one of my looks from Toronto. The weather there was absolutely AMAZING the entire time!!

I know yesterday was the official first day of summer, but as soon as I landed in Toronto- summer began for me! Being from New Brunswick, I love sizzling hot days (don't hate) and because the weather in Victoria doesn't get balmy and hot (which I'm sure I will soon appreciate) I was loving every second of the hot, hot Toronto heat!

I opted to wear a blazer on this particular day because it was kind of windy, so the blazer/short combo was perfect!

I wore this outfit to walk around the city for shopping and to grab a bite to eat (sushi...nom nom nom)

Going to Toronto also allowed me to see my sister and my best friend, who I hadn't seen in months!! It's always so amazing to be reunited with the people you love, and we totally made the most of our time together!

Blazer: H&M
Shorts: Top Shop
Tank Top: Thrifted
Sandals: H&M

Monday, 13 June 2011

An Ode to Atlantic Fashion week

I wasn't born there-but I surely was raised there, which is why Atlantic Canada will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a post dedicated solely to the upcoming Atlantic Fashion Week! One of the toughest decisions you, my Atlantic Canadian friends, will have to make this year will be WHAT to wear to the fashion event of the year! A decision you should not take lightly. If you are planning on attending one (or a few, or all) of the fashion shows this week, then you are surely a fashionable individual! Which means you will want to be on top of your fashion game. I decided to put together an outifit that I myself would choose to wear to a fashion show, and I hope to inspire you with!

This season, Short Suits are popping up EVERYWHERE! It's a hot take on an old time classic, and I'm super into them! This looks says fashionable, chic and classy, a perfect combo to wear to any of this week's fashion shows!

For this post, I went with the age-old combo of black and white, but I encourage you to brighten it up! Go for a bold colored suit, and popping jewellery! Or go with the black suit and a bold patterned shirt underneath! Fashion is all about being daring, and what better place to be daring and try out new things then at a fashion show?

I hope I've inspired you to be playful with your outfit choices for this week's upcoming shows. And I truly hope that all of you enjoy the fashionable events of this week! I will be thinking of you all from the West Coast!

Blazer: Thrifted
Shorts: Winners
Shoes: Forever 21
Blouse: Thrifted 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Betty Cooper

Growing up, Archie Comics were a HUGE part of my life. My sister and I had well over 300 Archie Books, and had read them each at least twice! Every time we went to the grocery store with Mom, our favorite part was buying a new Archie Comic at the end of the trip (which were cleverly placed at the checkouts and at kid grabbing levels)

I was always a Betty fan (although I loved Veronica's outfits, and totally envied her lifestyle) and still am to this day! When I saw this romper at a vintage boutique here in Victoria, I instantly thought of Betty Cooper, and knew I had to have it!!  It's so sweet and I could totally see myself wearing this while hanging out at Pop's Soda Shoppe, sharing a milkshake with Archie (sigh...if only).

The stripes on this romper are such a pretty color purple, and I love how it has pockets! This is the easiest, cutest thing to throw on and enjoy a hot summer day. I know this Betty Cooper romper will get tons of wear this summer!

Love you Betty.

Romper: Thirfted, Patch Boutique
Sneakers: H&M
Ring: Gifted, from Europe

Friday, 10 June 2011

Red Carpet Looks

Today I'm doing a special post, in honour of the MMVA's and my quest to be the H&M Fashion Blogger on this year's Red Carpet! So, my fashionable readers, if you are anything like me you probably all tune in to the Red Carpet Special before the Awards (which means no popcorn left once the Award Show actually begins. Boo.)

Watching the Red Carpet has always been the most anticipated part of any awards show for me. I absolutely LOVE seeing what and who the celebs choose to wear! One of my fave looks at this year's Oscars was definitely Cate Blanchette in Givenchy. You may frown at my choice, because she actually got a lot of negative feedback from this beautiful creation, but I honestly am so transfixed by it. It's almost like a toned down Lady Gaga outfit (ok, way toned down) but do you kind of see where I'm coming from? The colour of this dress is so subtle and pretty, and the detailing is AMAZING!

Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
GORG!!! Ok, so...moving on...

Obviously, the MMVA's aren't as formal of an affair as the Oscars, but there are still tons of fierce styles to look out for! This year the MMVA's should be quite the show- both on the Carpet AND the Stage- with guests such as Lady Gaga,  Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez (will Justin Bieber be there to support his gal? Never say never...)

Last year's Red Carpet Looks at the MMVA's definitely did not dissapoint. (Well, maybe some of them did...but style is all about your CHOICE). One of my fave Red Carpet looks from the 2010 MMVA's was our little Canadian Sweetheart Nikki Yanofski!! She looked super age appropriate and sweet and perfectly stylish in her blouse/shorts combo. And yes, those are Louboutin shoes.

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette
And can I get a HELL YEAH for Adam Lambert's leopard print tie at last year's MMVA's!?

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette
I'm super anxious to see the style story of the 2011 MMVA's unfold! And I'd be BEYOND thrilled to be the one unfolding it for you!! What were some of your fave Red Carpet Looks?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

H&M Fashion Blogger for the 2011 MMVA's

Hey Friends!!

This going to be a short and sweet post with some SUPER exciting news. I made it to the top 4 in the H&M Fashion Blogger contest, where I could potentially be covering the Red Carpet at the 2011 MMVA's!  You can help make me the happiest Girl About Towns ever by checking out my profile and voting here!!

JUMPING FOR JOY (and for fashion)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cross Stitched

Today was a perfect day to go boutique-ing and to find a hair salon to put an end to my hideous roots. Luckily, I didn't have to go far for the salon. It's right across the street from me! I officially have an appointment next Monday, now if I can just hold on to my funds long enough....( must.not.go.boutique-ing)

...So I found the CUTEST jumpsuit at this boutique today!! Can't wait to show it off.

My arms look 2 different colours
This tunic is a gem I found at Value Village! How awesome is it? It was one of those pieces where I wasn't sure if it was cool or just downright ugly. I decided on cool.What do you decide?

I usually wear it belted, but today I wanted to just let it flow, and I think it works! I pared it with some H&M leggings for a comfy casual cool look (the three C's you can't go wrong with).

Tunic: Thrifted
Leggings: H&M
Heels: Forever 21

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend Lace

This weekend was the nicest weather we've had in Victoria since I moved here! We definitely took full advantage of our rooftop BBQ. I was so excited to finally be able to wear a skirt without tights.

This tutu skirt from H&M is one of my absolute favorites! I love how easily I can dress it up, or dress it down. I feel so girly and fun whenever I wear it!

I swear, I must've been a ballerina in a past life. Not because of my graceful moves, but because of my obsession with frilly skirts. I got a call this weekend that made me want to do pirhouettes all around my apartment. Details to come!

Skirt: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Jean Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: H&M
Tank: Thrifted