Wednesday, 18 May 2011

That's Life, That's What All the People Say

Last Friday we had some friends over for drinks and...can you guess it....GAMES. (I'm beginning to see a pattern, are we turning into game night junkies?) either way, I'm fine with it. We decided to play the classic family night game, LIFE.

When we saw this game at Value Village, we knew we had to get it. Who doesn't like the game of life? The only game where you can be a Superstar and make $100,000 on Pay Day.

Again, with the mirror shots-sorry! We got caught up in our game, then went out to a pub so I was left on my own to take photos when we got back. I love pink- especially the brightness of this shirt! My necklace was a DIY, inspired by an H&M necklace that I wanted so badly but unfortunately was sold out before I could buy it! If you can't buy it...make it! 

Shirt: thrifted
Necklace: DIY
Jeans: H&M

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