Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hacky Happy

When moving to Victoria, one of the first things I was told  was that  I would have to learn how to "Hack"... aka play hacky sack, in order to fit in.  They weren't lying. It's EVERYWHERE out here! Let's just say...they can tell I'm not a local.

The other day, the weather was beautiful, so I went out with my boyfriend and a few of his friends to have a BBQ and play some hacky sack. I snapped a few photos of myself before heading out (classic mirror shot- hate it) Tripod= birthday gift??

The boots were a must- great padding for my shins. The top bun was also necessary to keep my hair from falling in my eyes- maximum hacky sack viewage. ( I still failed miserably)

Shorts: Zara
Shirt: Stolen (borrowed) from boyfriend
Boots: Vintage Frye
Socks: H&M

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